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Composite C1 is Free Open Source

When you install Composite C1 you get unprincipled software - it is not a "free edition" or a scaled down "community edition", but the real deal. You are free to use it in your business and the source code is available online.

On this website you will find resources for the community and by the community around Composite C1 - and we would like to encourage you to get involved and help this project continue to grow.


Access features contributed by the community adding more value to your Composite C1 solution.
Use our forum to share your insights, get inspiration and ask questions. We are all in this together.
What's next? Read our blogs and be the first to know what is happening to Composite C1.
Use the source Luke! Take a look the code that makes up Composite C1. Play around with it, criticize it and improve it!
We invite you to be a part of the Composite C1-team. Help us improve Composite C1 and spread the word.
Let's meet! Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events and webinars.

Recent blog activity

Composite Windows Azure Webrole
Learn how to use the new Composite Windows Azure Webrole for hosting Composite C1 .Net solutions on Windows Azure Cloud Services.

Using razor views in console applications
See how you can use razor views to build console applications in Composite C1 4.1

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